Sea Stone is a cement look alike ‘’mimic’’ material which in reality is comprised by natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials. It features plastic hardness and aesthetic texture.

Sea Stone is a zero-waste project. It is made by by-products of the seashell which goes to landfills after the consumption in the sea-food industry. 




Sea Stone .

 As wasted shells are the main composition of the Sea Stone,

it indicates the up-cycling of the product, using shell after consumption in the sea food market and industry.


 Every year, 7 million tons of seashells are discarded. The majority of them are being thrown into landfills. Seashells are non-biodegradable and thus polluting the land and water when discarded and the cost of disposing process is tremendous.

Sea Stone project has a positive environmental impact as proposing a potential material which is constituted by wasted seashells.

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