Newtab-22 uses seashells to develop concrete alternative

Updated: Nov 13

Virtual Design Festival

Sea Stone is a concrete-like material made from seashells that Newtab-22 is introducing during the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Newtab-22 Project title: Sea Stone

Newtab-22 is a London design duo consisting of Hyein Choi and Jihee Moon, which champions design with natural and overlooked materials. The studio is introducing its latest project, Sea Stone, as part of the VDF collaboration with Ventura Projects.

Sea Stone is a lightweight material made from discarded seashells salvaged from the seafood industry, which have been ground down and mixed with natural binders.

Newtab-22 developed the project because shells are largely composed Calcium carbonate, giving them similar properties to limestone that is used for cement. The studio therefore hopes it can be utilised as a sustainable alternative to concrete.

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