Studio newtab-22

We are interested in natural, new or overlooked materials.

We seek the beneficial and intriguing properties of the materials, trying to integrate them into the modern life with our design.

Our outcomes aim to critically approach sustainability and its significance for society.

Started in 2019 in London, Royal College of Art, Design Products.

Jihee Moon 

Co-founder of newtab-22 

She aims to convey her thinking and sensibility about general problems and issues to people and link the existence that is her, others, and moreover space, via the product as the medium.

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Yannis Frantzolas

Business advisor

Yannis, based in London, UK. He has previous experience in financial and mentoring organizations, has a proven record of creating relationships with decision-makers in leading organizations from various sectors. He is in charge of an integral part of newtab-22's communication and coordination efforts with our clients and partners.


He is a keen art enthusiast as he is playing the piano and the guitar as well as drawing comics in his spare time.


Hyein (Hailey) Choi

Co-founder of newtab-22 

Her works aim to be made and consumed sustainably, opening the conversation about the attitude towards future generation and environment. She is also highly interested in relationship between tradition and the cultural, social aspect. 

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