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Decorative wall panel :Shelluminator

Interior wall panel made with material Sea Stone.

We would like to show the versatility of material 'Sea Stone'. It can become home objects or others. 
For showing the larger scale, we applied it to tiles.

We recommend to use the 'Shelluminator' as wall tiles or cladding internally not outside. 
Even they are varnished already, we are nor recommend to use in the place where is watery and high level of heat.

The 'Shelluminators' achieves a Non-combustible Class at fire test and they are compounds free with no Formaldehyde,Tolunene and TVOC.



green tiles.jpg

Size & type

Height: 200 mm * Width: 100 mm * Depth: 10 mm 

Weight: approx. 330 grams per tile


 50 tiles per square metre

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